Lissete at Andler Dental

Dental Assistant

Lissete has been working in dentistry since 2017, and she loves the work she does as one of our much-loved dental assistants. She’s one of the first people to meet and greet you in the office, helping you to feel at home and comfortable. Lissete says being a dental assistant is rewarding and allows her to have a flexible schedule so she can spend more time with her family. She loves coming to work each day because there’s always something new to learn while helping patients regain their confidence. Working as part of the Andler Dental team is a unique experience for Lissete because the office atmosphere doesn’t feel like you’re at the dentist. She says it feels more like a spa equipped with some of dentistry’s latest and greatest technology. Outside of work, Lissete enjoys having family cookouts with her husband Josh and son Adriel, going on walks, longboarding, watching movies, and working out. Lissete has ties locally with her husband being the owner of the Car Corner dealership in Janesville, and the family loves dining out at Jerry’s Cafe in Beloit because it’s family-owned and they have great food.