Andler Dental in Madison, WI

Dental Hygienist

Clare is a graduate of Southern Illinois University – Carbondale where she received her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.  She has been working in the dental field since 2014, four years as an assistant and three years as a dental hygienist.  Clare loves to meet new faces each day and develop relationships with her patients, ultimately helping them achieve their oral health goals and optimal wellbeing.  She was drawn to dentistry from early childhood and has known that being a dental hygienist was her profession of choice since the age of twelve!  Clare feels that this office is a perfect fit for her since it has a very personable approach to dentistry.  Andler Dental meets her professional expectations, with long standing patients and a strong team willing to work cohesively.  When she is out of the office she enjoys shopping, spending time with family, exercising, visiting friends near and far, exploring her new stomping grounds in Wisconsin, playing with her cat – Willow, and indulging at her favorite local restaurant Villa Dolce.