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A Straighter Smile is Just a Visit Away

Andler Dental
Located a short distance from Lake Mendota and Downtown Madison, Andler Dental knows that a patient’s smile goes beyond just their teeth. We want our dental patients to feel comfortable and confident in both the look and feel of their teeth.
BY Andler dental

Straight smiles are healthier smiles, not to mention they improve the way we look and feel about ourselves. When teeth are straighter, they are less likely to develop abnormal wear, gum disease, and cavities. With the new advancements in orthodontic therapies, more patients are getting access to treatment than ever before, including adults! Invisalign is one of the most unique ways that people choose to straighten their teeth. The removable aligners are almost completely clear, preventing other people from ever being able to see them in someone else’s mouth during normal conversation. Their unique design eliminates the need for conventional brackets and wires, making them very comfortable to wear and minimizing any discomfort. Patients love the flexibility that the treatment has to offer, because they can eat whatever they like and their teeth are still very easy to brush and floss. Invisalign works by using a series of alignment trays to guide teeth into the proper position, by changing the trays out every few weeks instead of having adjustments made at an orthodontic office. A quick check up visit is all that is needed every 4-6 weeks, freeing up the already busy schedules of most patients. For patients that want an even more direct approach to improving the way their smile looks, Six Month Smiles offers another take on smile straightening. Instead of full mouth tooth alignment, Six Month Smiles focuses on straightening the teeth in the front of the mouth; the ones that people see when you smile, laugh, or talk. You’ve probably already guessed that the treatment is relatively quick as well! In just 6 -12 months, most patients can benefit from completely straight smiles that they’ll be proud of. Everyone’s orthodontic needs and goals are different. The position of the teeth, oral health goals, and time restraints are all important factors that should be considered. A consultation with Dr. Andler takes just a short time, and treatment can begin as quickly as possible, putting you on the road to a straighter smile in just a little while.

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