Madison Invisalign

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smiles

Everyone wants a healthy, beautiful smile. Did you know that orthodontic treatments are considered part of a comprehensive care approach to conditions like periodontal disease and reducing the risk of tooth decay? That’s because misaligned teeth are more difficult to keep clean and are susceptible to cavities, bone loss, gingivitis, and gum disease. Misalignment can also create abnormal wear patterns in the teeth that cause them to wear prematurely or cause strain to the TMJ.
Invisible, clear, bracket-free braces are what Invisalign offers! These thin plastic alignment trays are easily removed for brushing and flossing, or eating your favorite meal. The smooth contour of each tray makes them very comfortable and prevents irritation to your cheeks or lips while you wear them. Each set of aligners is designed to guide your teeth into the correct position and then be replaced with a new set a few weeks later. Over time, the Invisalign trays completely straighten the teeth throughout the entire mouth, making your teeth healthier and improving their function. The length of treatment varies from patient to patient, but treatment times in our office range from 3-18 months. Learn how Invisalign works.

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