Madison General Dentistry

There’s Nothing Routine About Our Care

No need is too great or too small when it comes to the health of your teeth. Our patient-focused approach to care puts your needs and priorities first. The core to every successful dental care plan involves several different general services that act as the foundation for patient care later on. Most of these services focus on prevention and early intervention, allowing us to keep treatment to a minimum and reducing the overall investment in dental care.

Our General and Preventive Dentistry Services Include:

Initial exams are a comprehensive assessment and discussion between each patient, Dr. Andler and one of our expert hygienists. During these exams, we discuss the current health situation of the patient, and take a tour of the mouth with a small intra-oral camera. We also utilize laser decay detection that allows cavities to be found before they are visible on an x-ray.

Oral cancer isn’t restricted to people that smoke or drink alcohol. In fact, the leading research shows that more and more adults in their 30s are being diagnosed with the disease each day. Most of the time the symptoms aren’t evident until the disease is very progressed. Dr. Andler provides a complimentary oral cancer screening on every patient that comes into our office to help reduce cancer rates and access treatment during the earliest stages.

Digital radiographs are faster, use lower radiation, and make discussing your care easier than before. Each high definition image is projected onto a screen in the treatment room, allowing Dr. Andler to point out specific findings that are easy to understand.

Preventive cleanings are performed by our expert dental hygienists and remove disease-causing bacteria from the teeth and below the gumlines. A customized hygiene plan is given to each patient, because we believe the best prevention starts at home. During cleanings, a Piezo ultrasonic device is used to comfortably remove calcified tartar from the teeth. We’ll also pre-screen for decay with a laser Diagnodent device, and tour the mouth with an intra-oral camera so that you can see what we see!

Gum disease is the number one reason that adults in America lose their teeth. Our periodontal health program utilizes deep cleanings along with locally placed antibiotics like Arestin to halt the areas where infection is the most severe. Dr. Andler also implements soft tissue diode laser therapy to treat infected tissue and reverse periodontal disease.

Topical fluoride treatments restore strength to tooth enamel and reduce the risk of decalcification or tooth decay. Our pediatric patients receive a fluoride treatment after every cleaning or every other cleaning. Adults can benefit from fluoride as well, so we offer it to patients that have a high risk of decay or sensitivity.

Preventing wear or trauma from happening in the first place is a great way to ensure your smile! Our custom fitted mouth guards are useful for patients that have chronic tooth grinding or participate in sporting activities. Studies show that professionally made mouth guards for athletes also reduce the risk of concussion.

We understand that emergencies happen at inconvenient times, and can compromise the comfort of our patients. That’s why we work hard to see our patients as quickly as possible when an emergency has occurred. Please call us to schedule an appointment to be seen by Dr. Andler, or leave us a message after hours with a call back number.