Dental Spa Experience

Exceptional Dental Spa in Madison, WI Makes Dental Treatments a Breeze

You walk into a "dental spa" when you visit Andler Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. A soothing and relaxing environment ensures that you sit back and enjoy peace of mind during your dental services. Our warm, compassionate dental team will be ready to help you through all stages of your dental care.

toothbrush-and-towel-oSay goodbye to the anxiety and tension typically associated with dental visits. We know that quality dental services get an extra boost when patients are calm, stress-free and more willing to trust the dentist and the team before they start. Here, there's a whole new meaning to "Open up and say Aah". It's more like, "Sit back, relax and say, Ah ha, this feels good!".

At Andler Dental, our spa-like features include:

  • Ambience: Our suite was designed to relax patients from the moment they enter and welcomed by our friendly receptionist. The walls are painted in relaxing colors and each treatment room comes furnished with a soft, ergonomically designed patient chair. We also provide sound blocking headphones during appointments so that you can listen to your favorite radio station or CD during your dental makeover.
  • Comfort: Who would have thought that a visit to the dentist gives you beautiful hands as well? At our dental spa, we offer a complimentaryparafin-wax-treatment-400x hot paraffin hand bath during appointments. We moisturize your hands as you receive your professional cleaning or other dental treatment. Pillows and blankets are also available so you can be warm and comfortable.
  • Luxury: Sit cozy in front of our fireplace in the reception area or help yourself to tea, coffee, juice or bottled water at our refreshment center. A dental makeover or upgrade such as tooth whitening or veneers is a perfect reason to spoil yourself.

Unclench your fists, take a deep, relaxed breath and enjoy your time at our dental spa. Whether you need a dental makeover, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative dental treatment, call us at 608-831-3236. You can also get in touch online using our Contact Us form.

The Dental Spa Difference at Andler Dental

Our Madison dental spa is an experience that patients enjoy the first time and keep coming back for. We believe that creating a great relationship between our patients and the team can only be accomplished in a relaxed atmosphere. The pleasant surprise and enjoyable experience at Andler Dental is quite unlike what you would find in a typical dental office. Because we make sittings / sessions easier with advanced training and technology, our dental treatments are quick and effective. Here's what's different at our dental spa:

  • Our patients are relaxed, making it a more enjoyable and quicker treatment time.
  • Dentistry is our passion and we have so much fun together with our patients. Life is too short to do something you don't enjoy, and this belief carries through to all our patients.
  • And here's the real difference - at our dental spa, you will get into a dentist's chair, willingly! After visiting us once, you will look forward to your next appointment. This means no more procrastination or excuses for getting your teeth cleaned and your dental treatments completed.  This leads to healthier mouths, far less emergency treatment, and confidence in your smile.

Tour our dental spa facilities so you can see what you can look forward to during your visit. To become a patient or to take a tour of our dental spa facilities, call us at 608-831-3236 or contact us online.

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